Headhunting for Technology, Data & Digital in china

China’s technology sector has been rapidly growing, with the government placing emphasis on advanced technology development through initiatives such as “Made in China 2025.” The country has also become a major player in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with the market size projected to reach $30.8 billion by 2025. 


Tech Leader

Headhunting companies’ job is to find the leader who will be able to juggle supervising technology; data, cybersecurity, ways of manufacturing and selling as well as maintaining the basic business side of things. Therefore many C-suite positions in China are being occupied by technology focused candidates.

Growth Powered by Data

Revenue often depends on the trajectory and information about the past present and predictions, the key to this is data. Headhunting companies should look out for an executives who can optimise this tool from data management to monetisation potential and analytics capabilities.

Secure Your Data Assets

With this type of technology there comes a need for data protection and security and it is a challenge for executives to be able to manage not only the increasing relevance of Technology but also its risks.

We can find leaders who are not only tech leaders but also can balance it with security against any type of cyberthreat or the rising trends of cybercrimes.

Big-Tech Gold Rush

Perhaps certain headhunting companies could think that hiring any executive from a large Chinese technology giant means that success is inevitable. This doesn’t always work as often the breadth of functions covered by executive in such large companies are smaller than executives in their mid sized contenders. We take a close look at each candidate to make sure they have the knowledge and abilities necessary to contribute to board-level conversations on technology, data, and digital.

Fishing outstanding talent

We are aware of what distinguishes innovative and transformational leaders as well as what drives them. Competition for data, cybersecurity, software engineering, and product skills in China is intensifying as the whole business world shifts to a technology-first ethos. By creating competitive compensation and purpose-centered offers, seeking the help of headhunting companies like ours will give you that “something extra” to help you stand out from the competition.

Designate Change Agents

The domains of advisory services have also been impacted by technology’s growing complexity and constant evolution. In order to meet their expanding demand for partners who can develop and oversee practices focused on cutting-edge business models, emerging technologies, and shifting economies, we collaborate with businesses that provide business and professional services.

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CEO & Board Advisory

Be prepared for what the future holds. Our firm supports CEOs and boards as they meet extraordinary challenges that are changing and reshaping our world. New technology trends, investors and changing demographics are no impediments for us. Know more

Corporate Affairs & Communications

Information now reaches clients, partners, and staff members fast. To ensure that all stakeholders continue to have a transparent understanding, businesses must maintain control over that message. Know more


Future Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) will pave the way as global industries quickly adjust to meet the challenges of the future. Know more

Human Resources

The most successful HR managers don’t simply envision the future; they also they help to create it. Finding change agents who can effect big change is something we assist you with. Know more

Legal, Risk, & Compliance

Executive teams of today want proactive legal, risk, and compliance executives that can safeguard the company while driving growth and innovation. Know more

Marketing, Sales & Strategy

We identify future-focused, customer-centric leaders to help you expand your organization right now in the face of intense disruptive and competitive pressure. Know more

Operation & Supply Chain

Supply chain managers that can successfully coordinate the use of digital technology throughout their entire firm will stand out from those who are content to manage the supply chain. Know more


One of the issues that define our age is sustainability. We support CEOs and boards as they guide their companies toward a more prosperous and sustainable future. Know more

Technology, Data & Digital

The most successful businesses are utilizing data and digital capabilities as vital levers for value creation, development, and competitive advantage. We identify the business executives who will support your company in avoiding disruption. Know more

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