Headhunting for finance in china

The finance sector in China comprises various financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, investment firms and now fintech companies. In 2022, the financial sector produced 8.0% of the country’s economic output. The government has implemented several reforms to liberalize and modernize the industry, but there are still challenges such as high levels of non-performing loans and lack of transparency. Despite this, the sector continues to play an important role in the Chinese economy. 

CFO of the Future

Headhunting companies must understand that the CEO and CFO of a firm must cooperate and collaborate to drive success within the company. They must base themselves on:

  • financial research
  • statistics
  • insights

They will closely accompany the firm as well as build strategic relationships with important stakeholders. In order for your company to experience financial growth in China, headhunting companies like ours can help you find the perfect leader in this sector.

CFO Succession Planning

Planning succession within the team is important to the success of the firm. Certain headhunting companies can offer guidance when it comes to this planning. When it comes to a CFO, they need to be able to evaluate today’s problems as well as recognise and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges too. Therefore, headhunting companies can offer a meticulous examination of customer’s future strategies and opportunities to help pave the future of the business clearly.

Multiple and Diverse Stakeholders

Faced with the varied organisational consulting between private and public companies in China, there is a call for more:

  • consideration of customers
  • investors
  • employees

CFOs from private companies in China are having to pay as much attention to this as CFOs from public companies. Nevertheless, we can find financial leadership whether it be public or private.

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