Education & NON-FOR-PROFIT headhunting in China

The education and non-profit sector in China has been rapidly developing in recent years, especially with the arrival of online classes. The Chinese government has placed a strong emphasis on education, with a focus on improving access to education in rural and disadvantaged areas. The non-profit sector, also known as the “third sector,” has also grown in importance as more and more Chinese citizens have become engaged in social and charitable activities, made easier by the online platforms created in China.  

Education & NOn-FOR-PROFIT headhunting in China

Headhunting companies must follow the effects of these changes as they often influence any company or organisation´s management and general strategies and this industry is no exception. Factors like rising mobile device usage and rising desire for individualized learning are fuelling the demand for digital education content which resulted in the rapid adoption of internet-enabled gadgets and the growth of this digitalised education sector. There is therefore a demand for a restructuring, headhunting companies must help firms in this sector find the right executive to lead the business through these changes.

In recent years, the educational sector in China has seen a paradigm change from traditional learning to personalized and interactive learning. The delivery of knowledge and instructional content is being done using the most up-to-date technologies as well as fresh, innovative methods as digitization continues to permeate the education sector, making learning and development a continuous process. With innovative methods comes the need for innovative leaders and therefore a necessity for headhunters.

China, one of the biggest education systems in the world had a market for comprehensive lifelong education valued at approximately 162.4 billion yuan in 2020. Around 66.8 billion yuan was the estimated value of the online segment of this business in that year. In the next three years, it is anticipated that the online market’s growth rates will not be all that much higher than those of the whole market in China. Headhunting companies must track these numbers over the years in order to prepare themselves for the possibility of new opportunities.

Headhunting companies should search for self-confident leaders with a true vocation to adapt and make the most of the new possibilities offered by the future are now needed more than ever.

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Education & Not-For-Profit

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Assessment for a leading university in Iberia. See how headhunting companies should deal with this assessment…

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One of the most relevant universities in Iberia entrusts us with the job of finding the right person for a key position within their organization. The organisation seeked the help of headhunting companies and decided to come to us. An internal study is conducted and after considering the market trends and the current organization chart of the company, a new position is proposed to the client, instead of the one initially requested.


After a thorough search, a great leader is found: an ex-country lead of one of the largest multinationals in the world and later an ex-CEO of his own company who shows great interest in the project. Our candidate is presented to our client’s management committee and hired after a 15-minute interview.


Since joining the team, the new member of the management team has led the digitalization of the company by successfully transforming several departments and creating new ones.

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