Executive Search for Logistics & Supply Chain

The logistics and supply chain sector is a major and growing driver in our world's economy. In 2022, it accounted for USD 7.98 trillion, and it is expected to grow to USD 18.23 trillion.

Market Challenges for the Logistics & Supply Chain Sector

Effective operations of the supply chain contribute to a company's competitive advantage by reducing lead times and costs, thus enhancing client satisfaction.

As it is known, logistics and supply chain management are processes that facilitate the operation of business. It keeps the supply of goods and its demand operating efficiently and allows people to have access to goods and services. It is a mechanism that keeps businesses coordinating, monitoring, and managing their resources in a productive way. On the other hand, it allows them to acquire high-quality materials, optimize and produce faster, and track their transportation. 


Since COVID-19, the supply chain has been significantly affected by multiple disruptions. As a result of these difficulties, the cost of transportation has especially increased. Several countries like the US had to transition from importing from China to producing locally and manufacturing their own products. The transportation of goods has never stopped evolving, and it is constantly reinvented and innovated. Emerging technologies, as well as innovative business models, have forced companies to evolve in order to stay competitive. The consistent integration of technology, such as artificial intelligence, and constant improvements is driving the growth of the global logistics and supply chain market.


As a headhunting firm, we want to assist companies in becoming and remaining competitive. In order to find the right leaders and stay at a top-level position, talent should be sourced globally and efficiently. Given the rise of the present tendency towards sustainability globally, it is important for headhunting companies to identify versatile and agile professionals. Leaders in this sector need to be tech-savvy, analytical, system-driven, and focused on building efficiency.

Case Study

Headhunting a VP of Global Purchasing during record inflation and in the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war.

Diagnosis of situation: A prominent company specializing in sourcing organic raw materials, primarily in the food sector, faces a significant supply chain challenge due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict and creeping inflation. This conflict has disrupted traditional supply routes, causing delays, shortages, and rapidly increasing costs of goods sold by the company. To mitigate these issues and ensure a stable supply of organic materials, the company recognizes the need to hire a seasoned VP of Global Purchasing with strong knowledge of the food sector in Latin America.

Implementation: To address these challenges, the company engaged us, a Headhunting firm specialized in the supply chain sector. After screening, assessment, and interview processes to evaluate each candidate's qualifications, cultural fit, and alignment with the company's values, a leader was selected. She was a Regional Head of Purchasing for a major commodity training business and she specialized in nutritional products.

Results: The company has made significant strides in overcoming supply chain challenges due to the expertise and extensive years of experience of the leader, ensuring not only the stabilization in the cost of goods sold but also a timely delivery from key suppliers identified.

Headhunting a VP of Global Purchasing during record inflation and in the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war.

Diagnosis of situation: A prominent company in the Life Sciences sector, specializing in Central Nervous System (CNS) pharmaceuticals and supplements, faced a significant challenge when their initial attempt to recruit a Senior Head of Market Access with 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field but only five years in the DACH region. Our client engaged us to find a candidate with more experience in the market and with a proven strong track record in market access.


Implementation: Recognizing the difficult task of finding the right leader to navigate the complex Life Sciences landscape, especially in the demanding DACH market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), the company engaged with our Headhunting firm. We specialize in identifying and placing top-tier talent in the Life Sciences sector.

Our approach involved a thorough search, assessment, and interview process to identify candidates with extensive market access experience within this industry. We sought executives who not only possessed a solid grasp of CNS pharmaceuticals and supplements but also demonstrated an excellent understanding of the DACH market.


Results: Through our rigorous headhunting efforts, the company successfully brought on board a Senior Head of Market Access with over 15 years of experience in the Life Sciences sector, including a strong track record in navigating the DACH region within the CNS therapeutic area. This leader brought a multifaceted approach to market access, enabling the company to effectively address challenges posed by aggressive competition, evolving regulations, and demanding clients.

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