Executive Search for Human Resources

Human Resources is a sector that cannot be overlooked. While many times it is overstated, HR works as the backbone of any firm. It plays an important role in recruitment, training and employee engagement.

Recruitment and Retention

A recent study on Human Resources Technology Marketing showed that the market was valued at $32.6 billion in 2021 and it is projected to reach $76.5 billion by 2031. This result shows how important it is to have an effective talent-management sector as well as a good retention rate. Headhunting firms are aware of the importance of placing the right leader in HR.

Recruiting Transformational Leaders

Human resources executives need to be prepared for constant innovation and adaptation. They should be able to lead, transform and motivate workers while helping their area implement relevant technology. 


Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Human resources departments that are competitive put a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. They understand the values that a multicultural team can bring to the table and how to make them feel seen and valued. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests that 17% of new hires are likely to leave their jobs within the first three months. Given this challenge, HR executives must find a balance between employees’ professional aspirations and the company’s objectives to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Headhunting firms should find leaders who understand the value of positively retaining talent.

The Balance Between Flexibility and Productivity

The rise of remote work after COVID has changed workplace dynamics. It’s vital for Human resources leaders to manage the balance between flexibility and productivity. Headhunting firms should understand this need and look for HR executives who have the skills to manage remote work effectively.

The Multifaceted Role of CHROs

The growth and even restructuring of an organization can be influenced significantly by HR. In Zavala Civitas, as an headhunting firm, we identify CHRO candidates who are not only leadership savvy but also adaptable to different work cultures and practices aligned with the company’s global reach. By focusing on these areas, we are helping companies navigate the complex landscape of modern HR. Ensuring they are well-positioned to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Executive Search for Human Resources

Related Insights

Case Study

Diagnosis of situation: The CEO of a major automotive company was retiring, and they urgently needed a replacement. The firm wanted to promote someone from the inside and wanted to make sure they selected the right candidate. As part of that, they wanted us to contrast whether the internal candidate was aligned or better than the talent market available.

A series of tests should be performed by headhunting companies as we did on the internal candidates suggested by the company. This brought to light that although they were highly skilled on the operational side, they lacked the commercial seniority needed for this CEO role.

Implementation: After identifying this situation, we started an in-depth market mapping and identified several alternatives within two weeks. We compared the internal candidates with external candidates that we proactively reached out to. Headhunting companies should do this to generate a transparent, fair, and thorough selection process that is based on the available talent in the market. Results: Three, six, and twelve months later after the selected candidate was boarded by our client, we conducted a client/candidate satisfaction survey. Both sides were happy with the decision made and the results generated in the company by this decision.

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Diagnosis of situation:  A multinational corporation was struggling with high turnover rates, lackluster employee engagement, and a lack of diversity within its leadership roles. These issues were impacting the organization’s competitiveness and bottom line, adding urgency to find effective Human Resources leadership.

Implementation: Our headhunting firm took on the challenge of finding a dynamic CHRO who could transform the HR department. The focus was on a candidate who had a proven track record in talent management, could drive DE&I initiatives, and had a strong understanding of HR advanced tech tools. We also ensured that the individual was adept at balancing productivity in case remote work was needed.


Result: Once the new CHRO was onboarded, the company saw a 20% reduction in turnover within the first year. Employee engagement scores improved by 15%, and the leadership team became more diverse. Additionally, the company started its first development program, showing an integrative approach that resonated well with both employees and stakeholders. Generating an overall improvement in their human resource sector.

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