Marketing Strategy and Headhunting in China

Headhunting is not only about finding high end executives for the role but is also about finding the executives who understand the importance of growing a reputation in order to generate a better influence for your company. As technology reigns all business sector’s of China’s economy there needs to be a strategy in place in order to build this reputation; which is done most efficiently through marketing.

Marketing specialists in the China market have often been said to be more at ease when local as they have the expertise to understand the complexity of the cultural component, which can often be a challenging task for foreign marketing executives. The executives in this domain who aren’t locals need to have a more extensive knowledge and strategy, they need to research more into the local networks which is vital when sharing information in China but also the rest of the world. Foreign marketing executives can also be an asset as they bring  a fresh point of view on the importance of social media which is very apparent in the Western world. Headhunting companies in China need to understand that a mix of oversees and local executives in this field might be beneficial to balance the cultural understanding as well as bringing foreign visions to this sector of the company.

A headhunting company involved in the China market need to find an executive who recognises the importance of marketing and how it generates success. A headhunting company must find the executive with an effective marketing strategy involving social network coverage such as Maimai, Xing or even QQ for example; websites that are easy to access and understandable whilst being informative. And just like any executive role, above all they must have set of goals that is set out for the team and organised accordingly. The China market is very competitive and therefore a headhunting company should rely on metrics such as SEO positioning to maintain their goals.

Over 50% of marketers say keyword rankings and traffic are the top ways to measure the success of their SEO strategies.
Marketers invested in SEO in 2021 chart
Marketers invested in SEO in 2021

As technology gains rapid importance every single day in China as well as the rest of the globe, there is a rise in websites for headhunting. AI based recruiting is a fast and efficient way of finding a position for a client. An innovative way of looking at headhunting and marketing is revolutionary for the industries the companies are looking to work for. Websites such as can notify you when a position comes up with the click of a finger as well as immediately attracting top talent for the company concerned. After an extensive analysis and in depth research of the position and the candidates it then offers stress free interviews on behalf of the company as it virtually accompanies you to the next step in your career success.

Developing local networks is to your advantage. We know how this helps when finding future executives in China. There needs to be an understanding of how marketing is synonym for communication and relations whether this be with a company’s image and the company itself to relationships between candidates and your company.

Western companies base themselves, to a much greater degree, on marketing. Headhunting companies in China need to focus on developing relationships between clients, candidates and possible ones, the way to do this is through marketing. These future clients or candidates will rely on the image your executive in this sector decides to project your image and reputation. Marketing in China is vital as it should share a cultural bridge with business partners oversees.

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