What can Executive Search firms do to help companies in China to attract and retain talent.

China has two major challenges ahead when it comes to talent, especially when it comes to executive roles:

  • First, is the fact that the talent pool is shrinking because of the one-child policy.
  • Second, the Gen-Z generation in China will be taking over the labor market in the coming decades and it is changing the traditional work dynamic.

At this point, every company in China will struggle to attract and especially retain talent. Making sure they are ahead in this competition of talent, the help of an executive search firm will be an asset.

An executive search firm will:

  • Save companies time when looking for talent in China.
  • Give you access to talent that, otherwise, it would be very difficult to reach for.
  • Save you money in the long term by guaranteeing you the right fit for the position.

The deep knowledge of the market in which the search is performed is essential. This is why we recommend finding an executive search firm specialized in the labor market in China.

  • The executive search firm will find a candidate that has the capacity of linking the role to the broader company’s insurgent customer mission.
  • Through leadership assessments and training, an executive search firm can help leaders to be inspiring. This style of management can be developed, and it is key to retaining the new generation of the workforce.
  • In order to retain talent, it is necessary to eliminate organizational burdens. Aldo China’s companies are known for their efficient organization, but there are still aspects that lead to inefficient and ineffective interactions. Sometimes it is useful to have an external eye for advice.
  • Redefine ways of working and build a working environment that thoughtfully balances the twin performance-enhancing goals of accountability and autonomy.
  • One of the factors that retain people in companies is the possibility of having a career plan (very important in China, where workers change jobs often). This increases commitment to the company and will also contribute to future succession planning within the company. In this case, an executive search firm can help in the process of finding the right talent within the company.
  • According to our experience as an Executive Search firm, there is one factor that makes the difference in the company-employee relationship and that is engagement: employees who are motivated and engaged are 87% less likely to resign from their companies. Yet, only 15% of employees worldwide feel engaged, according to the Editor’s Choice.

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