5 leadership trends that are a must for 2022 in China. An Executive Search firm insight.

As an Executive Search firm, we have specialists in various sectors. At Zavala Civitas we specialize in China´s market and today we want to share with you an update on 4 leadership trends that will be essential for 2022.

Over the past two years, leaders have faced many challenges when it comes to talent management and leadership due to the Covid 19 pandemic. These challenges have become guides for their organizations by allowing them to operate remotely, guaranteeing their security and maintaining their commitment. China is not an exception to this rule and its workforce is rapidly adapting to these new situations.

This year will be filled with more changes, as the effects of the pandemic and rising inflation still hit the corporate sector. In China, the lockdown has been difficult for businesses and employees and the later are also reevaluating their situation and prioritizing different values, such as labor flexibility.

As an executive search firm, Zavala Civitas is aware of the top leadership trends in companies and these are some of the most used in China that we recommend to embrace:

  • Strengthen hybrid work:

Companies in China have amazingly evolved to new forms of work. Even though in some sectors physical presence is still required in executive positions, hybrid work is a must as many people have decided not to come back to the office and prefer to work abroad in fear of another lockdown.

  • Change skillset requirements:

We have seen too often, based on extensive experience in executive search, that many job openings are known to be an enumerated list of detailed skill requirements or specific years of experience. This can hurt a candidate’s hiring, as they can often be intimidated or put off by the long list of requirements and not apply. This is how companies and leaders will be losing potential workers who have the talent, mentality and ability to be successful.

  • Present wellness programs for employees:

In China, the pandemic has increased the importance of employee wellness.

The leaders who develop these programs, promote a less stressful work environment, show that their interest goes beyond the final results and, when the workers know that they can receive adequate support, they will probably see their leaders as allies and their level of trust towards them will increase, as well as their engagement and productivity.

  • Going forward:

The new leadership trends reflect some uncertainties facing the business world. Managers cannot ignore the changes that occur, such as the offer of job options, support for the welfare of workers, etc. A clear example is China, as with its great strength it was able to face the challenges of the changes that occurred in the last two years and continues to adapt and take action on the challenges of 2022.

We are Zavala Civitas, we have walked alongside our clients, supporting them in issues ranging from Executive Search to broader Organizational Consulting. We are ready to be your talent and organizational partner in China and East Asia. We are ready to face new challenges and work hand to hand.

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