Impact of the environmental status of companies in China in the Executive Search process

China has been working to become an ecological civilization for almost 20 years now. This has a direct impact on business, which ought to comply with specific requirement including the full disclosure of their environmental information.

Companies in China that are not updated on this matter or do not follow these measures may have problems.

The information to be disclosed includes:

  • “Environmental administrative licenses”.
  • Information on environmental taxes and environmental credit ratings.
  • Carbon emissions data.
  • Provisional disclosures of significant market and time-sensitive data.

Throughout these regulatory requirements, it would be easier for companies in China to follow these rules by having a clear, practical guidance and for executive search firms to have standardized ways of measuring it. This subject concerns Chinese executive search firms because it is important that transparency is provided to all candidates, as well as related information on how this may or may not affect the future of the company.

As an executive search firm with over 7 years in China, we find out that knowing the company’s good sustainability status helps you not only to know if there might be some legal problems in the future but also is a sign of health in many areas of the company.

Sustainability and environmental health in companies:

  • Improve trust and engagement between staff, investors, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Attracts and retains employees.
  • Builds credibility, improves relationships, and enhances brand awareness.
  • Reinforces Community Relationships.
  • Encourages innovation that benefits other measures.
  • Provide better understanding of customers.

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