The best headhunter partner and strategy to find local executives in China

Headhunters are important partners to have when entering the Chinese market. Because the Chinese market has proven to be as attractive as it is difficult. One of the biggest problems foreign companies face when doing business in China is the lack of knowledge regarding the local market.

The best solution is to hire local talent through headhunters, specifically for management positions. Local executives and executives in China can provide the company with specific expertise that can make the difference between a business failure or success in China. But without the right headhunter partner, this process may take too much time and work. It is not easy to hire local executives and a very well-thought headhunting strategy will be needed.

China’s labor market is challenging, and there is a lot of competition to find and retain talent. Also due to cultural differences is harder for foreign companies to find high-quality local executives, because the headhunting strategies that work in China are different from the western ones. In this article, we will talk about the strategy and the headhunter partner you need to help you with an effective executive search in China.

Benefits of hiring local Management in Chinadate

Having local management in China has become more than an advantage, is a necessity for companies to succeed in China. Chinese executives bring to the company:

A local network that otherwise would take years to build and may end up not being so effective. Local executives often have connections with suppliers, local governance and bureaucracy, and also possible clients and partners that can make the process of entering the Chinese market process smoother.

Local executives have valuable expertise in the market.

Chinese executives can also help to correctly manage the company’s image and reputation due to their knowledge of cultural and political nuances, making the company look better to stakeholders and the public.

Headhunter partner and headhunting strategy for China

So to win and hire the best local executives and executives for your company you must find a headhunter partner that has a deep understanding of the market and that can also take the time to find the perfect candidates for the role that the company needs.

We are Zavala Civitas We have walked alongside our clients. supporting them in matters ranging from Executive Search to broader Organizational Consulting. We are ready to be your talented and Organizational partner in China & East Asia. Here we present you some ideas of what according to our experience a good headhunting strategy for local talent in China should have.

First, start early, we have seen how important is to have local experience for your company in China it is better to have a thicker network, that makes it easy for the company to hire for the future, because it may give Chinese employees a sense of connection to the company because they feel better understood in a company that is aware of their cultural nuances.

One of the most used strategies by headhunters partners to get the best of both worlds is to hire local talent with a large experience abroad, which is sometimes harder to find. These have many advantages but also these candidates may not have as many local connections.

In the end, we can see that hiring the best local talent depends on the company’s specific needs and it can be very challenging due to cultural and time factors. That’s why it is so important to have the best headhunter partner to have the perfect candidate for the specific company needs.

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