The importance of age when hiring in China

The age of a candidate is often a decisive filter that we receive as an executive search partner from many companies when hiring high executives.

The C-suits position are of great importance for the organization. In these positions every aspect of the profile most be granted especial attention. Including age which according to several investigations can influence performance one way or another.

Eastern culture has a more positive view associated with elderly than Western culture.

In Easter cultures were old age appreciated for their wisdom, knowledge and experience it is common to consider them as the ones giving advice and not taking them. Elderly should be respected because the assumption of intellect this is even reflected in their language.

As an executive search partner specialized in China, we wanted to share with you some insights about the effects of the age in the C-Suit and power positions in China.

In China there is a more market differences between ages and generations, even in their speak.

Some studies point out that the generation to which the CEO belongs can have an effect on the age of the rest of the board, and many times the differences of generations between the CEO and the chairmen is directly proportional with the pay gap which can be reduce by the skills, and abilities.

When you are working with your executive search partner looking for a candidate in China it is important to know the age of the board members, a generational fit it is more likely to be hire and generate lesser payment gap in Chinese culture.

But even if in China there is a positive tendency of respecting their elders and preferring them for higher positions. There is a contrasting phenomenon: ageism. Ageism is defined as the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people based on age, by the World Health Organization. In China starts as early as 35, provably cause because older workers may cost a seniority wage premium on top of their true value.

The process of any executive search firm when recruiting in China must give great importance to the age of the candidates and of the company employees and board members. These factors can affect the way you conduct or present them, can influence cultural fit and helps you understand the context to a better negotiation.

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